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I have no one to blame but myself
Yes I know now that it's true
I should stop this silly pity party
I guess I look pretty pathetic to you

These are my feelings that run in my head
If I wished them away I would surely be dead
Maybe I should just make myself numb
Forget the hurt...there's no more to come

These are my tears I cry in the night
And I'm sorry if you feel that it isn't right
Maybe I should just make myself heartless
Forget the tears....they're out of sight

These are my words I speak now to you
And yes I know that you doubt everything that I do
Maybe I should just slowly fade away
Forget my words...they're invisible to you

This is my heart sitting here broken
With no one to blame of course but myself
Maybe I should just build this wall even higher
And put this heart back up on a shelf


 A Broken Heart by Mayfair

A broken heart,

So full of pain.

Asking for answers,

and placing blame.

Acceptance comes,

Given time.

Bringing some solace,

And peace of mind.


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