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Life is so easy
When you live a charade
I was the court jester
In this, my parade

Thriving on people
Loving to make them laugh
Like a time worn wizard
Weilding a magical staff

But you looked deeper
Beyond facade and pride
And you saw something different
I was trying to hide

You saw salty teardrops
That I never wept
And you saw a heart dying
In a cage I had kept

You saw bottles of pain
Left high up on a shelf
But what surprised me the most
You asked naught for yourself

So you took me to task
To set a soul free
And the gift of love
You bestowed onto me

You replaced salty tears
With the rays of the sun
And you broke all those bottles
Every single one....

And now without masks
I see light at the end
For you are not only my lover
You are my very best friend


 Hidden Scars by Mayfair

An invisible mask,

Hiding scars grown deep.

An emotional shield,

Against the pain we keep.

The hurt and regret,

Carefully tucked inside.

A tattered veil,

Of strength and pride.

What seems assurance,

In truth a disguise.

Protection from others,

From prying eyes.

It's once alone,

The shroud falls away.

Revealing all the ugliness,

Of thoughts so torn and frayed.


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