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anno domini 2000

some people say
jan the 1st y-2-k
begins the new millennium
but then again there are some
who contend
it’s just the start to the end
of the final year of the last
which really isn’t fully passed
til december thirty one zero zero
me I suppose I just don’t know
on balance I think it’s just a digit change
from the 19 to the 20 range
the party’s early by one year
they’ve got it wrong again I fear
and all the monies spent on the dome
could have built many more homes
or perhaps have been used to try
to save some of those who will die
of war and disease and starvation
amongst some of those poorer nations
projects surely more in keeping
with the thoughts and the teachings
of the man whose birth
and appearance on this earth
they’re supposed to be celebrating
and commemorating
millennia on the bitter facts are simple
the money changers still run the temple

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anno domini 2000