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We’re-moving-we’re-moving -we’re-moving
so-we-had-to-wait-to-wait-to-wait-to wait.
I’m on my way to York
To see some friends from the net
We’ve chatted for some months
But we’ve never ever met

There's a girl pushing a tea trolley
Up and down this train
She just sold a bacon buttie
To that bloke without a brain
I can see his lips a moving
As he tries to read his sun
And I think he’s going to a party
'Cos he’s dressed up like a nun
He thinks that I’m a deity
The poor deluded sod
For as I walked on past him
He murmured oh my god
Some may find this embarrassing
But to me it’s now old news
That I look a lot like Jesus
In my green and yellow shoes

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