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Dream Vows

I dreamt again of you
How could that ever be wrong
You see this one is a dream
That lasts the whole day long

I dreamt of a ring
Placed carefully on my hand
A vow said then with pride
Joining together a woman and man

Standing in a gown of white
Your eyes meeting mine
A bouquet of roses and sweet perfume
It's like the stars in heaven intertwined

I know I'll hold faithful
Until death do us part
My mouth rested unmoving
And I spoke my vows with my heart

There could never be another
Not even an army of men would do
For you became my one and only
The day I said that I love you

So I stand at an alter
In my dreams once again
Waiting for this sweet dream
To become I remember when


~~**~~ Goin' to the chapel ~~**~~

~A Ponygirl Design~


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Dream Vows