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Browns Bookshop

millions of words all neatly filed
silently shouting please try me ,
i'm so small and neat
buy me as a treat
open my covers
escape to my worlds

here i could browse
linger ‘til i drowse
under their awesome power.

    but I wonder if at night
when they switch off the lights
and the town begins to slumber,
do all those words noisily emerge,
mutter, murmur and chunter
practising their sounds
a cacophony that rounds,
bounds and re-bounds
from the walls and ceilings;
does the fiction vie
with those works that try
to instruct
not destruct;
does the sun I wonder
resent the times thunder  
do the daily's combine
against the shrill whine
of the monthlies and weeklies
those frivolous glossies
until just before the dawn,
when the world starts to yawn
each word silently glides,
slithers and slides
back to its proper pages
to wait with the patience of ages
to lure and ensnare me.

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Browns Bookshop