" Good Morning Lord "

Good morning Lord,Thank you for another day.
I ask you to please help me through it in every
Way. give me good things to think of today.

Help me with my words and every
Thing i might have to say.
Dear Lord please keep showing me
How to do things your way.

For Lord your truly the one i want to
Follow each and every day.
As i see the morning break in to day.
I see your love come forth in every way.

All the colors you put in the sky.
To see the beautiful clouds as they roll by.
The little birds so gracefull as they fly.
The gentel breeze as the trees,
Seem to sway in time.

All the leaves that now lay on the ground.
The little animals as they run
Through them and play. I see
Your love being born in another day.

Thank you Lord for loving us all,
In your very own special way.
Good morning Lord,i really
Thank you for another day.

Emory Brit Teel
Copyright © 2010 Emory Brit Teel

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