A girl with many stories "i love you all."


written at 16 years old  Rewritten at 25 years old

When ever you're lonely, hurt, tortured or abused, give peace and patience to wards your self and pray to Allah.
Praise your lord, who gave you a life.
Praise the lord of the worlds.
Praise the greatest of the greatest, which is non but Allah.
He will help me and you, Allah will forgive  every sin and Allah will always be there, He will save you.
If you have such deep faith and a connection with Allah, you'll be laughing even when you're near death.
If a blazing fire approaches you and you have deep faith in Allah, it will turn cold.
Letting you unfold.
Leaving the mystery untold.
Allah works in mysterious ways like you'll never know...
He is the greatest Allah will save you, He will give you the happiest life ever if you ask Him, beg Him and you'll get more than you'll ever wish.

There are lessons in this life.
You will know when you're closest to Him if you just read the Quran and research your religion.
To connect with Allah is so easy you can connect through prayer or simply with two open hands together.
Even if you just speak He will hear you.
Talk to Him...
He is always there on this throne that extends over the Heavens and the Earth which he guards in no tiredness and flawlessly.
The peace of mind is within the Quran and within the Life of the Muslim.
Why are we sad when we have Allah.
Allah tests us with Hardship do not neglect your faith or the Quran, prayers, Sunnah, Charitable deeds, and fasting...
If you have savings use them to make the Pilgrimage.
Help people, cover up, guard your chastity, do not neglect the masjid or what is good for you.
Eat right, be clean and healthy.

Allah told us what is good for us.
Living a simple life will make you happy as can be.
Do not look up to the high life.
Celebrities are not going to care if you follow them or not.
You may get a follow back on Twitter, but its a normal person saying @? thank you xoxo.
They have to be kind to you because they know they will get nothing without you.
They're only living it big time because we pay them to live big.
We are modest and we shouldn't encourage publicity or high life.
Or waste our money building somebodies life i would rather give my money to the homeless.
Or to feed a poor helpless Dog.
We're modest and we're private, we're sociable, but in a calm and peaceful way.
Follow them and you'll follow them to where ever they will go.
You don't want to spend all your time following them because you will neglect your faith.
It will happen whether you like to believe it or not, we have done it once so now we're older we stop.
Yet another generation after us are still doing it so here it goes.

Broaden your smile.
Open your heart to the important things in life.
Not the high life, Hollywood is nothing compared to the big life.
Its not even real.
Many never stay real for long, they get made to lie and to change their image.
They can never be themselves.
I would rather look up to my mother and sisters.
Beautiful Domestic queens i follow their examples like i do of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W who's biggest inspiration is his Lord Allah.
Those are who i look up to and i am really Proud to say i do.

Many Of you do, but time is not an option, nobody knows when its the end so before its too late just go.
Get on track and Worship, worship, worship and live life right.
Do be kind, sweet, down to earth and polite, don't backbite or look down on others.
Don't be hypercritical or lie, do not do anything sinful, if you do so do repent.
Don't be hurtful, be calm and nice to people.
Love your parents and obey them in the right manner.
Love your siblings and friends.
Treat everyone how you want to be treated, remember to respect elders and be merciful towards the young...
We are setting an example to them are we not.

We will make mistakes nobody, but Allah is perfect.

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