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Rocking chair

written at 16 years old

Grand sat dad in his chair.
Holding me on his lap.
Telling me how much he loves me.
Giving me candy and loads of presents.
Now time has passed i hope he goes to heaven, i miss him so much.
I will only know that I'd never remembered the first time we'd met.
I was only 2 or 3, but I'd hoped I'd let it be a time you'd have never forgotten.
When 10 you and your daughters threw me a fabulous party, coming again when i was 11 and you made me feel so happy.
Again when i was 13 i got another birthday treat from you and everyone who chipped in.
Thank you for giving me three times i truly remembered and will never be able to forget.
I hope i gave you that one special time and didn't cry so much for Mommy and daddy and the other siblings.
Thanks Granddad.
Every year I'll remember 19 Nov 2003 the year he had gone 1 week before i turned seventeen.

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Rocking chair