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July 4th 2004

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Purple Sunrise

Have you ever seen the sun come up in the east?
It gives you the most awesome kind of peace.
The birds singing their morning lullaby,
Letting you know it's time to rise.
You rub away the sleep,
And rise to your tired feet.

Once you are almost fully awake,
You go to the kitchen and start to bake.
You make your coffee and turn on the tube,
You turn and look out the window only to see,
Your true love is coming home to you finally.
You start to cry,
And look at the sky,
Your thanking GOD for that wonderful sunrise.

The sunrise is a sign of love,
For things to come,
From far above.
It gives you joy and laughter,
Only to make you wish,
That those days had come much faster.
GOD bless the beautiful tides,
From the rays of beauty in the purple sunrise.

                               Love Always,
                                       Miahcahla 03'

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Purple Sunrise



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