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November Dawn

November dawn-cold, crisp, clean air
I watch the morning star out of my kitchen window
It is like the eye of heaven
Watching a slumbering earth

I open my kitchen door and look
A night chill touches my face
My eyes drink in a stillness
That dissolves thought

There is a green in the sky
Above the approaching sun
But beneath the morning star
That is a green I have not seen before

I feel this light
Which left the sun moments ago
Arrive at just this instant
To be this green

I see in my mind's eye
The dance of electron's, protons, hydrogen and oxygen
And all the host of characters on this dawn stage
But the stillness dissolves this thought

This green is more green
Than any green
I've ever seen
But there is no green

There is the power of our sun
Spun randomly into space
And the minutest part
Touches our sky just as I open my door

But the stillness dissolves this thought

I shut the door
I sit in the window
And watch the approaching sun
Erase the green

This turning earth
Fills the sky with white light
The eye of heaven
Is closed for the day

I leave the stillness outside

The radio talks to me
The clock ticks time
My cigarettes burn to ash
I think

Daylight fills the kitchen
The minutest power of the sun
Lights the objects
Around me

I remember the moment I opened the door
The shock of the stillness
The green that never was
But was because I saw it

I remember the power of the silence
The stillness in which the earth turns
The awareness of being aware
With out thought

               I sit now and think
               The kitchen is made real by daylight
               The garden outside my window
               Is pictured in my brain
                        because of the power of the sun

               The green was somewhere in the sky
               And somewhere in my mind
               The stillness was somewhere in the world
               And somewhere in my mind

I opened the door