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Fallenangelkilla Part II

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You skinny cr@ckhe@d b!tch
You're such a fu$%'n slob
You sold all of your valuables
That's why you go and rob
You wanna step to me b!tch
I clean your a$$ like corn off cob
My d!ck is so much bigger than yours
It could give yours a b!ow job
Man your so pathetic- you're 30
And still hang'n around schools
Well I'm a teach you a lesson
About these things called rules
I would like to call you a has-been
But you're more like a never-been
Skinny cr@ckhe@d walk'n around
Talk'n about sh!t you've never even seen
It's alright if my mouth writes checks
Because my a$$ can cash them
If you step up to my face b!tch
Like sexual harassment
I'll be skull Fu#$ing your face
And then you'll be ask'n
Why did you have to go and make
My life a past-tense?
Then I'll have to go out
and take a stroll
And put your former body
In a hole
Or maybe roast your a$$
on some charcoal
As long as I dispose of you
Like a cancerous mole
No more of your bullsh!t b!tch
No more of your crak'n
No more of the trustworthiness
That you were lack'n
Don't worry bout your woman
I'll put her track'n
I'd put you back in jail b!tch
But you like fudgepack'n
I said this to you before
See I'm for real a
So many times before
I've seen you steal a
Even from your friends
Now don't you feel a
Bit like run'n away
From the Fallenangelkilla
You had to p!ss me off
You had to flick my switch
Now what's mundane will be the way
You take it in the a$$ everyday-B!tch!!

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