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The Nightmare

(Written through tears of agony)

Thrashing sheets
Thoughts in my head
Wake me now
From this prison bed

Echoing cries
Please baby don't go
Please don't leave me
I love you so

Time slips fast
Another day
This nightmare crawls
Make it go away

What if things
Don't go right
What if he then
Chooses not to fight

Spiraling madness
Deafening pain
Thunder and lightning
Torrents of rain

A simple step
I need to show
What if it doesn't happen
Would I watch him go?

Blinded by tears
No stopping this
Bring me out of this baby
With your tender kiss

Can't turn away
Nowhere to hide
This pain is too real
I'm dying inside

Wild fevered rantings
Fall from my lips
Please don't leave me
My fear is this

Can't close my eyes
Never again
Not until this nightmare
Meets a final end

A tormented scream
No this can't be right
Scars left from a nightmare
Branded this night


Night Visions by Mayfair

Night visions come on silent wings,

Unbidden and unwanted.

Bearing gifts of doubt and dread,

The darkness now feels haunted.

Fear cloaks you in suspicion,

And questions fill the air.

All that once seemed certain,

Now hopelessly ensnared.

The hours close around your heart,

Black talons take your breath.

Fiercely held in worry's grasp,

Thoughts twist then turn to death.

Desperation soon sees anger,

A seething quick escape.

How to know the falsehood,

Being laid in anger's wake.

Fury's stealth deceives the mind,

While lax the hatred breeds.

Far worse and more destructive,

Than the heart that bleeds.

Whispering vile deception,

The malevolence takes a hold.

Defeating all emotion,

But those that leave you cold.

Dawn slowly edges,

Past the lunar shroud.

Yet remnants fold into the day,

An ever growing cloud.


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The Nightmare