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Lucy Cat Ireland 1981-1996

Lucy Cat Ireland is gone,
Slipped quietly away, cradled in my arms

Sometimes when I was dozing and the angle was just right
I'd think I caught a movement at the very edge of sight
But when I looked directly it was only Lucy there
        Curled up like a fixture
        Resting in her chair
By watching her so closely, so very close indeed
I discovered her secret, she would move at near light speed
        Constantly patrolling
        All around the house
        Looking for invaders
        Man or dog or mouse
     She knew I knew her secret
      At least she did I think
  Because she'd sometimes grin at me
     And follow it with a wink

     Lucy Cat Ireland is gone
   and the house seems somehow bare
     But sometimes when I'm dozing
      and the angle is just right
      I think I catch a movement

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Lucy Cat Ireland 1981-1996