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the land of empty teacups

There's a land of empty teacups
Where rejected lovers hide
Alone by silent telephones
To hide their pain inside.
There's a land of rumpled bedsheets
Where bodies cry for sleep
To stop the flow of memories
That darkness cannot keep.
There's a time of utter blackness
That takes so long to clear.
It's like a time of dying
And the price of love is dear
There's a land of reluctant acceptance
For remembering all the years
Of love freely given and taken
And shedding  healing tears-
There' a land of a thousand tear drops
Count them one by one
Life is not yours for living
Till every one is gone.
There's a land of manicured houses
Where my lover lives and is free.
I hope sometime she stops
To think of her and me.

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the land of empty teacups