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Sunshine For Mother

(This One Is Very Special To Me)

May you know the beauty
Of the things you have done
You've given me the greatest gift
For I have the love of your son

So my heart makes a wish
To give something back you see
Just to say thank you....
For making my world complete

I look to the Lord
And pray...~may she always have sun~
~May rain never fall Lord~
~Not a drop, not a one~

~I ask for the flowers~
~In their sweetest perfume~
~May they delight all of her senses~
~As she walks into the room~

~May she be surrounded by loved ones~
~Please never let her heart ache~
~May she feel every heart beat~
~Of every bit of love she has given~

And I ask all of this Lord
Because she is like no other
Could you just deliver this gift of love?
Bring sunshine for mother



Designed by Violet

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Sunshine For Mother