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Anlaby Road, Hull

He's coming up behind me this driver from hell.
It can't be his day for the family brain cell.
He drove straight at me from that street over there.
He must have seen me but just didn't care.
I had to brake as he pulled across right
And the outside laner flashed his headlights.
He got behind a driver of a similar bent
Who suddenly turned without showing his intent
So once again he's behind me
And coming up fast
A quick twitch on his wheel
And he's shooting past
Straight through the lights
As they changed to red.
He's the type of driver
Who leaves others dead.
When he gets caught
he shouldn't just be banned
The law should chop off
one foot and one hand.
Drivers like him
though theoretically sane
switch on their engines
and switch off their brains


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Anlaby Road, Hull