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Action Speak Louder then Words....

Why do some Religious groups discriminate against
       those they know nothing about?
 maybe because we don't believe like them perhaps!
I mean...I love all people- infact - while putting
             my life in danger,
I save a total of 28 people in my whole life time,
  yet I bet that some of these same people who
                  I saved
would have nothing to do with me because of their
and thats sad because I'm a good man who would die
           for a complete stranger
 with no questions asked--but I still hear people
        that I'm going to burn in "hell!"
           (when this world is my hell)
                   or worst,
  I must die because I don't believe like they do                   (when God said follow no man or trust no man).
 Yet I am an angel--right before their very eyes,
  using this empty vessel as my human disguise.
               Now come on people!
     You can burn all the candles you want,
             or pray all your life--
           but if this doesn't help you
               to love all people,
      than something is terribly,terribly,

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Action Speak Louder then Words....