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American Prophet....

People are calling me Anti-American,because I'm totally
                  against war--
 but if this can save human lives then thats what am
                  shooting for!
 People are also calling me a traitor,because I speak
           out against our Government--
but if it was up to you people then you would gave me
 Lets bring our poor soldiers home...their love for
               our country is strong!
    Lets ask our Government to take their place--
           but they will tell you and me
               to get out their face!
      While they have all the pie in the sky,
            they won't die for you and I.
   And those whose claiming that I'm picking sides,
            love is what I write and ride--
            God will always be by my side,
        so when my spirit do reach that sky--
           I just hope my death as open,
                  someones eyes,
     then God will say " at least I tried"...
        to love...the world greatest prize.

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American Prophet....