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''Mystic Tongues''

speak to us, laleipo, in tongues foreign:
there are no words, there are no sounds
only the unheard and the yet to be.
hearken but with ears not alone, 'a'ole!
to the provenance, vibrations pulse.
The Beloved signs intimately;
as the beloveds whirl inwardly
her necessary wine.
touch, The Nature,
for She is breathing,
breathing the breath of being.
nei, nani wahine, the inhale
'ölelo!, u'i käne, the blow:
the language of anatomy in
sychronised, mystic tongues.

hawaiian translation:
'a'ole means no
nei means beloved
nani means pretty, nice
wahine means woman
u'i means beautiful, handsome (people)
käne means man
'ölelo means speak

`T. Imaan Tretchicovmanicova

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