"her path to integrity"

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"The Countervailing"

Thy invisible hand I grasp as you dry these moist tears,
You see my opaque pain with your inquisitive ears.
Does my delicate, tender touch eradicate yours
Or does mine bend on bended knee to disburden thine?
This gentle handback I employ to caress onto my exterior,
Life`s lurking shadows which stained thy interior.
Thy choice of elixir - mine heart`s desire,
Possessing an unquenchable thirst
Thirsting to ignite love`s purest of sensual fires.
Love transforming obtrusive heart shadows whence
Shadows transcended love`s innocence.
Sinful tears cleanse dishonourable hand
Exposing this most exquisite extremity
To hear these most painful of concealed tears.
Purging, cleansing, purifying and sanctifying;
Our shaded shadows forgiven
By touching tears to grasped hand,
As hand wipes stained tears, so do tears wash soiled hand.

`T. Imaan Tretchicovmanicova