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Does your bottom keep exploding
In the centre of the town
Is your stomach full of weasels
Leaping up and down.
There's a multi-coloured parrot
Tap dancing in your head
And your eyes are full of elephants
And they're bruised and sore and red.
Your heart beats loud as Krakatoa
Just before the bang
Your legs are weak and wobbly
And your arms just twitch and hang:
 Then just place your nether regions
Next to those of her
In the bedroom or the bathroom
Even swinging from the stair
Slowly join together
Those parts that seem to fit
You'll find it'd
So much easier
Than an airfix model  kit
Take this prescribed treatment
As often as required
Until you both shall be
Wonderfully tired
For this skilled diagnosis
I don't charge a fee
Advice like love should
Be given and taken free

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