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Picket duty 1992

Colleagues, comrades, workmates, friends
What's so difficult about my sign?
In big bold lettering on my board
Official Picket line
And colleagues, comrades, workmates, friends
It's me and Dennis you've just walked by
Animatedly, forcedly chatting
Anything but meet our eyes.
At least you went through the front door
Nor like those who crept through the back
Perhaps they thought me and Dennis
Would use our boards in attack.
You've all answered this summons
To an action breaking meeting
But it's not me and Dennis
You're all so gaily cheating.
We all had the vote
And this picket line
Is to support the ballot
The idea wasn't mine.
When we lose this action,
(As lose we surely must,
For you've rejected the Union
To give the company your trust,)
And the company start treating us
With the contempt we all deserve
Remember me and Dennis
Didn't lose our nerve.

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Picket duty 1992