''Lonely Man's Prayer and Dylan's Back Pages''

A lonely Man's Prayer
By: Jo Elizabeth Meek ~ 2003

It's sounds so familiar - a shadow alone

He sang to me today in a awkward tone

He filed for freedom and showed us the way-

He spoke of the winds and the changing of the day


The Time has come and it has gone through the light

 It is not dark yet-Our visions in sight


Are we the same today -As we were back then?

We walked the Paths of Victory - to fight for a friend


 Blood in my eyes is all I can see

 We have lost something here perhaps Dignity


Are we two different people - with The Disease of Conceit?

With One too many Mornings and nothing to eat


We watch and we live - we show how it is done

We jump to the Hurricane and spin Forever Young


Through his eyes - there's a Long time gone

Chapters through time - as he writes all his songs


Of anger and sadness and confounding dreams -

 He tells stories of people with The protesting screams


 We are Knocking on heaves door for the answers you see -

  If God has to pick - please Let it be Me


 A question of time and A license to kill

 It a Political World -We must not stand still.


 A book holds the words of the genius who pleads

 We spot the Tambourine man plantin the seeds


It's a Walk out in the rain into The Worried Blues

He says Mr. Bo jangles can you spare some dancing shoes?


Can't wait! He yells to the man up above -

But see that Heart Of Mine Is Down in the Flood

Gotta  travel on says The Father of Night

He won't be gone long - just a little out of Sight


In My Time of Dyin' I ask this of you

Understand he has pain and it hurts me too


Who are we now? - I do not know

I am a Man of Constant Sorrow - I just sing at the show


Night after Night I see her up there

Just like a woman of The Mountains in a Motorpsycho Nightmare


 There is no time to think - so we are pressing on

 Three Angels came with us - when Bob wrote the song


 Are you ready said he - to the 10,000 men

 I am a Man of Peace - give me a pen


It is a Handy Dandy world - so they say

My name is Diamond Joe of  Black Diamond Bay


It is a Million Miles to the Million Dollar Bash

We would have no songs - if not for Bob's hash


The Jokerman shared - what he thought of your song

Jumped the Blue Moon high in a World Gone Wrong


I pity the poor immigrant - who lost all his life

In search of Little Sadie - his dear loving wife


A man walked down- The Dirt Road Blues

Fixin' To Die and Living The Blues


A Fool such as I - to let him go

He danced his life away to Desolation Row


Death is not the end for the Thin Man

He spoke of Mississippi and his love Mary Ann


Baby, stop crying - he told her that day

I found the Gates Of Eden - But I threw it all a way


We are The Masters of War - with one price to pay

It is a Simple Twist of Fate  - down that Endless Highway

I was a Wanted Man - in the Days of 49

Time Passes Slowly and I Guess I am doin Fine


 I traveled Seven Days to good ole Santa Fe

 Saw Sally Sue Brown and married Rita May


Things were going good - But God knows how

We met The Minstrel Boy when he was riding The Gospel Plow


The Times They Are ~A~ Changin' - I just don't understand

Going. Going Gone through Every grain of sand


I am under your spell and I am All over You

I am Pledging my time to Nobody Cept' You


I was Ragged and Dirty when I met Sarah Jane

I had the Hero blues and found a heart of pain


Do right to me baby I told her that day

He was a friend of mine and that is all I can say


Down along the Cove - we hoped they would stay

Lo and Behold the Two Soldiers would pay


Please Mrs. Henry do not cry

He is the Property of Jesus - The child of the sky


Everything is broken sadly it seems

We are Blowin in the wind on Bob Dylan's Dreams


Go away little boy to your Golden Loom

Let me die in my footsteps - through the path of doom


On a Shooting Star - I will pray for you

When did you leave heaven - You angel you


Off too California with Blind Willie McTell

With a Shot of Love we found The Cat's in the Well


Ain't no man righteous {no not one}

Saw a Clean Cut- Kid holding a gun


Mixed up confusion - we did not know

Lord Protect my child - for he must go

That man of war - who is he?

That man is John Brown - who no longer sees


The Hot Summer days were drawing near

A hard rains gonna fall - I surely do fear


As I went out one morning to Buckets of rain

The Catfish were asking is your love in Vain


Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were out in a boat

Laughing and shouting to The Man in the long Black coat


The Moonshiner man was his right label

Oh, Sister please tell me that this is no fable


Don't ya tell Henry - he went to the store

Left all his hopes and dreams - Driftin too far from the shore


Farewell Angelina he said to her

Go to the Man on the Street - known as Sir


Most likely you go your way and I will go mine

He speaks with such conviction with words so divine


I am only a hobo a Pawn in their Game

Sittin' on top of the world with unwanted fame


Dear Angelina - I miss you so

There's an Early Mornin Rain and nowhere's to go


She had Dark Eyes of Beauty - That held the Moonlight

A Covenant Woman - That got it done right


On the road again for just one night

Meetin Playboys and Playgirls - Ahhhh - Just right


Open the door Homer - we heard a girl say

I am The Precious Angel - they call me Lay Lady Lay


Ninety Miles an Hour {down a dead end street}

I see the Neighborhood bully dead in defeat


It's Never gonna be the same again - we heard someone say

There is No Time to Think and we got dues to pay


I want to tell ya about - The North Country Blues

We celebrate Peggy day and The Tombstone Blues


Standing in the doorway - I saw her that day

He was born I said The 24th of May


With The Weight of the world and Guitar in hand

The Vagrant of his time - A poet of the Land


He is the wandering kind - it' ever so clear

His time passes slowly - Dear Sara is near


When you awake - The Doctor did say

You ain't goin nowhere - no not today


You were born in Time be thankful for that

She carried you from there - but lost your Top Hat


Coming from the Heart {The Road is Long}
Just take a small break - Maybe write a song


Ride Down the Highway - Just in your mind

See once there was a boy - so soft hearted and kind


Be honest with me - if only for a while

Have you lost your way - or just the last mile?


Something there is about you - I will never let go

You never had stage freight - just told everyone No


You lay in my arms - lifeless and beat

A satisfied mind -Just caught in the heat


Hands hide your face - more often I see

You wrote a Song To Woody - Then sat in a Tree


You abandoned love with the choices you made

A Drifter's Escape - as Bob Dylan's blues fade


I aint a-gonna grieve for the man in my life

My heart was left broken - cut by a knife


Please cry a while and let me know

We are an eternal circle - and part of the show


Gotta serve somebody - you know who

It is not they or I - or even Gypsy Lou


I've got my mind made up - I am leaving you now

It came to close - to Life's Final Bow


Let's keep it between us - A promise once made

I am the mother of your children - News to let fade


If I don't be there by morning - Please don't wait for me

I'll remember you I promise - But our love could never be


I will hold you in my heart- I will never let you go

My life is made of odds and ends - My heart as cold as snow


Lay down your weary tune and it put it all to rest

Write it all down - it is what you do best


It is time to move on and go your own way

There is just one more weekend - In which you must stay


 Our precious memories - stay close by

Just trust yourself and your tears will dry


We are done with the hard times - so they say

There is work to do and people to pay


The chimes of freedom - were calling my name

And From a Buick 6 - some new songs came


A broke down engine with no one to call

It was me and Joan Baez - havin' a ball


She sings of Diamonds and sings of rust

I gave her too much of nothing - but found some trust


Under the Red sky - we used to protest

Joan sang with me -  we were put to the test


Gonna change my way of thinking -There's nothing to be said

I am emotionally yours - like pencil to lead


I felt the Cairbbean wind against my face

Dreamed a Wedding song and a dress of white lace


What good am I to you or them - if I have to wear a mask

Why did God put me here and just what is my task?


Farewell I said to her - Thank you for the ride

But I am a lonesome hobo and it is my turn to hide

I am off to Mozambique - to sing another song
The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll and the man that did her wrong


Nothing was delivered to Mr. Zantzinger

Their ain't no more Cain - just his diamond ring finger


He is the lone pilgrim -I will hold inside my heart

Take me as I am - she told us from the start


She was a Tough Mama who loved the Turkey Chase

She was the ugliest girl in the world - yet held beauty in her face


She knew Jim Jones - a real good friend

He spoke of her that day with love to the end


When I see the new morning - I will look to the sky

I promise this my dear love - I will never say goodbye


He left us that day with a restless farewell

She belongs to me - and in sadness I dwell


He is a man in trouble - Trouble in the mind

With God on our side - how can we be so blind


I'm goin' to Acapulco to see Arthur Mcbride

He says he found little Sadie - who no longer hides


We better talk this over - I told that man

Lets have us some country pie and a drink from the can


Remember the dusty old fair grounds in Belle Isle town

We met the high sheriffs lady - who offered her crown


I believe in you - Will you believe in me?

I have all the secrets - I shall be free


I want you to know I wrote this for you

Let's stick together - even if they boo

It is not about the money and not about the fame

Rambling Gambling Willie will tell you all the same


I had a romance in Durango and wrote a song for you
I can't remember what is was - maybe Tangled up in blue

I sang a song for Little Maggie and Lilly of the west

I wrote a song for Bessie Smith but Candee I-O was my best


I found a book about this man- his name was Hollis Brown

He owned the Copper kettle and lived in Kingsport town


Don't think twice it's all right I told him on that day

Quinn the mighty Eskimo is here -he will show the way

Can't you see that things have changed -There is nothing left to do

No more reason - no more rhyme - The good ole' days are through


We went to find the weakest man - Who had the Poor boy blues

He spoke to me with funny words and drank water from his shoes


We had one more cup of coffee - Bob had a cup of Tea

He sat and wrote Percy's Song and if the dog runs free


We went to positively 4th  street with Pretty Peggy - O

Bob brought Renaldo and Clara with a little bit of Poe


It was unbelievable when he got to oxford town

We saw visions of Johanna and Miss Delia with a frown


We went to the foot of pride where the teardrops Fall

We saw the Changing of the guards and at last the Berlin wall


There was a sign on the cross - it was ever so clear

We wrote a ballad for a friend with seven curses of fear


I am standing on the highway at union sundown

I am called the wicked messenger with hair of dark brown


I see him in the distance - He is the man who lives in white

he is trying to get to heaven to fight the devil of  the night


Most of the time he sits there - to write about the stars

He tells us stories of the good ole days and the singing in the bars


He starts to sing a song - a Ballad in plain D

He says man I need some money - There are five children left to feed


He tells me he loves them all - But only speaks of one

His name is Jakob Dylan - indeed the special son


He is the child of my heart - the child of my eyes

A Wallflower in the making - an artist in disguise


Next there was a guy- his name was Donald White

He said he was a Jet pilot - who only flew at night


He told us about a man - his name was Stack A Lee

He said he was a singer - And a fan of Bobby Vee


He spoke about the Highlands and Highway 61

He dreamed he saw St. Augustine and The house of the rising sun


He said he was a Po' Boy - From Up on Cripple Creek

He went to see a Gypsy - who found him quite unique


It takes a lot to laugh and it takes a train to cry

I wrote that song for you along with Bye and Bye


I need to leave you now - there is nothing left to say

I shared with you last night - We had one more night to play


You read to me your poem - You sang to me you song

You shared your thoughts of Guthrie - it was nearly 12 min long


I am heading down the road - I am off to Maggie's Farm

She is The girl from the north country - with very little charm


Had a dream about you baby - I told her on that day

I will sing to you all my songs - and a guitar I will play


A Brownsville girl she was - The lady of my life

Wore Boots of Spanish leather - She needs to be my wife


I share with her my stories and my roots of Dinkytown

I sang about George Jackson and Queen Jane who wore the crown


She didn't find me funny - she only found me mean

She said I don't Believe you and stop trying to be James Dean


Don't you understand babe -I am where it's at

I am walkin down the line - and I am The Rockin Roll Kat


It's my 4th time around and I've heard it all before

But This wheel's on fire and I am heading out the door


Whatcha gonna do babe - when I'm no longer there

I am off to play electric - I'm growin out my hair


It was hard times in New York Town - But I'm like a rolling stone

I will change the face of music - I'll call Robbie on the phone


It is 1966 and The tour has begun

I am bringing my back pages - Hawii here we come


I will sing to you a song called Highway 51

I was sitting on a solid rock and wrote it just for fun


I will write about Miss Hazel - If you see her, say hello

She listens to Rainy Day Women in the slums down below


Lets step it up and go - Albert said to me

Where is Lenny Bruce - and the man he came to be


Please Tell that it isn't true - Please Tell me he's okay

He lives behind the steel bars - is the story so they say


I can't take this anymore - I don't know who I am

I need a silent weekend and just some time to Jam


My body is slowly dying - and no one seems to care

I am riding on the slow train and you all only stare


I need to change my ways - I need to make a call

The Man in me is weak and heading for a fall


I give a call to Joanie - I know she's there for me

I say Meet me in the morning - to have a cup of tea


I am Cold irons bound and can't find my way out

The Shape I'm in is bad - I will die without a doubt


I slamming my fist down - to fight the Tear of rages

The persons just can't understand - not none are on my page


If I were given the chance and this were up to me

My gifts would be sacared- my words would be let free


Tomorrow is a long time - I surely do know

I have to ring them bells - To let the freedom to flow


One of us must know - True love tends to forget

You saved me today - I am forever in your debt


Seeing the real you at last - it was ever so clear

Gonna make you feel my love - My dear loving dear


Maybe someday - you will see the true me

I will tell about New Orleans- and my 115th dream


I did a tv talking song - called the bunkhouse theme

I sang about Ruben Remus and the Alberta Scheme


He drove a big yellow taxi - and had the call letter blues

He said quit you low down ways and try livin in my shoes


He had a son named billy and a band of the hand

Said it was the Day of the locusts and it's money I demand


It is 2 X 2 - for a fool such as me

I wanna be your lover - and the man that you can see


Katie's been gone for an awful long time

I wrote a song to Ramona - bought her love for a dime


But it is all over now - oh dear miss baby blue

I would not have a heart - if not for you


You can do it all - you can show me the way

But I would hate to be you - on that dreadful day


I'd have you anytime - you know that this is true

But somethings burnin baby - Our love is surely through


To be alone with you - I didn't need to hide

You changed my life completely - Took my music for a ride


I put a sign on the window and locked the back door

I have a sweetheart like you and need nothing more


I see all the tired horses under the apple suckling tree

Like the women in my life -They are just rank strangers to me


That is absolutely sweet marie - to give me all your love

But all I really want to do - is find the heartland up above


I am known as the house carpenter - a man with all the shame

I will give you shelter from the storm -  to hide your very name


I am a Train A Travelin' tomorrow night

I'm seeing Frankie and Albert - and the Jack - A - Roe sight


I got the freight train blues - when I saw him that day

He brought Tiny Montgomery - and his big sister Faye


She was a sad - eyed lady - of the lowlands

She said When the ship comes in - just yell your commands


Blackjack Davey - was the first to come in

He was saving grace - but committed a sin


He said Baby I'm in the mood for you - come with me now

She had legionnaire's disease and was fat as a cow


I can't leaver her behind- oh please let us go

I need a women to stand beside me to help me through the show


On a night like this - you just can do no wrong

We are all so love sick and wasted just singing another song


I had a series of dreams about the death of Emmett till

He had the lonesome day blues and took a bad pill


He said I shall be realesed - in the Highwater

Please Take a messege to mary - my dear loving daughter


He was buried at sea - when the sun went down

Sweet mary was crying - with the money blues frown


When you gonna wake up and start your own life

You're a big girl now - Get a job - be a wife


Rocks and Gravel - they killed him with that

Now I need some money for my leopard-skin pill - box hat


John Wesley Harding - took her away

Said you're no good and a price you will pay


Ira Hayes was the next man I saw

He had a boy called Joey - who gave trouble to the law


He fought with him daily at the walls of red wing

Had a wife named Denise - and was treated like a king


He spoke of this thing - called the Yazoo Street Scandal

He said his son was there - he was the vandal


So what was it you wanted - why'd you tell me

Ye shall be changed - If u just wait and see


When he returns - please do talk to him

He can tell you about Suze and that guy the call Jim


The long distance operator - gave me a call

Said see your dear landlord - who lives down the hall


What can I do for you- that lady did say

I have the black crow blues - and doctors to pay


Do the wiggle wiggle - and it will all be okay

Do the woogie boogie and it will soon go away


I had the orange juice blues for breakfast - I can't remember why

I had the outlaw blues for lunch - with slice of Cherry Pie


On the idiot wind today - I can see a feather float

It landed on Silvio - My loving wigwam boat


The Isis they say - was one of my best

I played it in the summertime - at that Rock music-fest


It aint me babe - was the next one in line

Then came the boxer and I'll keep it with mine


It's love minus zero and no limit they say

They screamed out Judas on the 17th of May


Senor was a friend - I met long ago

I told him You're gonna make me lonesome - when you do go


If you got to go, go now - I told him on that night

I was sitting on a barbed-wire fence as he rode on out of sight


The last we heard - he was at the Nashville Skyline Rag

He bought a new pony and married a hag


I was on my way back home - when I wrote watered down love

Saw the Spanish harlem incident and the death of a white dove


Her beauty has fallen if ever so fast

It was the final Theme and it just didn't last


The sun was rising and blinded my sight

I was watching the river flow and the rapids did fight


I went down the road - To the house of my heart

I said Tell me Momma - where should I start


She spoke of this man - his name was Tom Thumb

He had the Dead Man blues and smoked himself numb


I sang to her so sweet - a song from deep inside

Mama you been on my mind and there is no reason to hide


I wrote her a letter - to tell her how I felt

I signed it Love Henry - and her heart did truly melt


Love is just a four - letter word - was all she said that day

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of hearts - even feel that way


There was No more Auction Block - for dear Henry to see

It was Long Ago, Far away - when those people did flee


Who killed Davey moore - was what the newspaper said

He fell down to the floor - hearing Yea! Heavy  and A Bottle of bread


It was in The Winterlude - on that very day

When the night comes falling from the sky - is when the killer will pay


He was a man that gave names to all the animals - He was a freak show to our eyes

Obviously five believers - who felt they were not lies


You wanna ramble with me - that is all he would ever say

I will tell you about the Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues - Oh what a dreadful day

There was this young girl named Corrina - The homley one indeed

She got caught up in the clothes line - and sadly became the feed.


She told me Spanish is the loving tounge - but my words can not be heard

My hands will share the stories - Sign Language holds the word


See that my grave is kept clean - motioned her final wish

Play them a Cantina theme and serve them love in a dish


Why that dirge I said to her - asked in caution and despair

Just allow me one more chance - forgive my love affair


I'll be your baby tonight and I will lay here while you sleep

I forgot more then you'll ever know - I am lost inside so deep


Baby, let me follow you down - to that world so far below

You become the Floater of the night - The mystery of the show


I will always be your sugar baby - the one to call you pig

I see you there talking New York and living for the gig


I am stuck inside of Mobile - with the Memphis blues again

I am Talking world war III blues and the soldier boy of ten


He sent a letter home - with sadness in the line

He said It's allright ma - I'm bleeding - but I'm just doin fine


It happen on a night - they drove old Dixie down

The soldiers sang a river theme - They fired upon our town


I can't help falling in love - with that angel in the sky

I see Frankie Lee and Judas Priest - living heavens holy high


Can you please crawl out you window and see my guiding light

Just tell me how your doin - and where you are tonight


A tight connection to my heart - you will always hold

If your gonnna quit me now - then my spirit has been sold


Till I fell in love with you - I knew no other way

When Froggie went a courtin' - Love found me on that day


It is only temporary like Achilles - so don't fall apart on me tonight

The groom is still waiting at the altar and she is no where's left in sight


I found her down  the road - Talkin Hava Negeilah Blues

She said someone has a hold of her heart - but that answer I refuse


His name is John Birch - with the paranoid blues

He loves me so dearly - with his rich wealthy shoes


Get your rocks off and see what you've done

I have no where to live and no where to run


I need to find a place - I need to find a home

Tonight I will be staying here with you and tomorrow I will roam


Don't fall apart on me tonight - that would not be fair

I'm happy She's your lover now - take her if you dare


When I paint my master piece - I will document the time

I open Subterranean Homesick blues - performing as a mime


An intoduction by Kris Kristofferson  and 30 yrs to bow

An ending by Mr. Dylan - I'm younger then that now.

“Dylan's Back Pages”
By Jo Elizabeth Meek

I went All the way down to Bourbon Street

It was borrowed time and I lost my feet

Saw a Broken boy who Almost persuaded

The Firebird in which God had created

Enough is enough I told that boy

Were in the City of Gold and all of its joy

I found a pair of Fur slippers at the End of the line

I'm Heading for the light, but I know I'll be fine

Handle with care is all I can say

I must love you too much or else I would pay

Baby, give it up you are a Child to me

Jesus is the one with the skeleton key

Julius and Ethel just Rattled my brain

You must Stand by faith when you're sniffing the drain

The Devils been busy lighting the sky

He was Rockin my boat and taming my eye

There's a Brown Skin Girl from Champaign, Illinois

She had the Bowling alley blues and made a lot of noise

She's spinning my mind with Magic and love

She's Number one in my book, there's no one above

She drove me to the Poor house where I met my Sally Gal

Her memory is crazy and all she does is yell

I will love him forever she told all her friends

Is it worth it I wonder or should I look for the end

I am Inside out like Mr. Johnny Ace

I'm in a rock and roll band and we ain't slow pace

Shadow Blasters and Golden Chords, Blessed is the name

At the Crosswind Jamboree I'll be collecting the fame

Like a field mouse from Nebraska I am fighting this trade

It is time to change my name and begin the masquerade

The name it says it all - The hero or the villain

Last night I had a dream - my name will be Bob Dylan

I drove All the way down to that Cool, dry place

The Dark groove was changing the smile on my face

Congratulations Bob was the only thing she said

The name don't mean nothing, not unless you're dead

I don't want to do it, so I'm changing my mind

This Dirty world is useless and not very kind

Let me see if I'm made of more then flesh and blood

Will you kick me when I'm down and leave me in the mud

There's a New, blue moon that's rising all the way

There's More to this than meets the eye and sadly I will pay

I want you to know I love you more than anything in my life

I have been Ramblin down thru the world and wishing for a wife

It is a Responsibility for us to put this in the works

A Stepchild and a wife is one of life's greatest perks

Don't ever take yourself away and leave me here alone

After talkin to the Devil I called you on the phone

The very thought of you leaving me on that very day

Is like The Thief on the cross that took my breath away

I am always causing Trouble and I don't know why

I guess I'll Wait and see and promise not to cry

You don't have to do that it is Time to end the masquerade

It's all dangerous to me and our love will truly fade

I'm Gonna love her anyway - till the day I die

And On a Rainy Afternoon - my heart and wonder why?

What will you do when Jesus comes – I wrote that in a book

A Wild wolf with fire inside is searching for the crook

What's the matter with you man – Your living just to steal

You have Seven deadly sins and nothing else that real

I ain't going to hell for anybody was all that he could say

You better cover down and break through when he collects his pay

Yes Sir, No sir was the only thing I could scream

It's Tragedy of the trade when you on the winning team

What kind of friend is this? To hold you in his place

I've been Waiting here to get beat with a smile upon my face

In Someone else's arms I got Straight A's in love

With a Tune after almost it came crying from above

Like Wind blowin on the water would come the Wilbury Twist

Without you I am useless and I am living in this mist

You've been hiding out to long and that light soon would dim

I've been Working on a guru just to be like him

Where were you last night when I was calling out your name

Were you Walking on eggs or were you lost inside the flame

Patty's gone to Laredo and she told me what you did

Your not alone anymore cuz now you have a kid

She's an Easy rider so they say and not to hard to please

Ah, Ah, Ah is what I said when she brought me to my knees

Yonder comes sin and it's time to leave – I have to play my part

The war has started like a Wolf thats heading the heart

To The Cuban missile crisis - I was on my way

That's alright mama - I will be fine and I'll be back again someday

She was Jammin me with the needle of life in My oriental home

If you belonged to me - I would never let you rome

Stop now woman please with your pity and yours tears

Who loves you now and can tell you all your fears?

Ain't it funny baby now that I'm not there

I got my Back to the wall and I really don't care

I am Almost done holding this pain at the Gates of Hate

The Big city blues followed me as I was heading out of state

Be Careful she said – Lock your door - he'll hit you with a dart

They won't let you in with Colorado blues and not with a broken heart

I am Bound to lose – I can see that now – I lost the golden key

I wish it would rain so I could hide the pain and let it all just be

I am Going back to rome  with my Red travlin shoes

Take it or leave it – just the same – it's time to pay some dues

This way, That way – What way to go – I guess it doesn't matter

I am riding on the Train of Pain sitting next to the Mad Hatter

You can't make it on your own –  and There's nothing more to say

If your heading Down to Washington Square – You will surely lose your way

You're the First to say goodbye to the Girl on the red river shore

She's from East Orange, New Jersey – and she's been working as a horror

I'll get where I am going someday – you just wait and see

This king is on the throne and he'll sting ya like a bee

Like a ship of the night that's lost its way– I'm a fool for you

Where do you turn when you're lost in the wave and there's nothing you can do

Don't tell him baby what's going on – If you want my love

It's 1984 - were loving in fear - while big brother stands above

Were Under control of Tyrants you see – there's nowhere left to go

It's Wiretappin and dictatorship – With an eerie political flow

Ride this train and get out of here – Or our love could never be

Columbus Georgia here we come – Our emotions are running free

Baby don't you go - because I will never find the way

I am singing this song for you and a guitar I will play

Please come a little bit closer – don't stand so far ahead

It's just another tomato in the glass and there's nothing to be said

All you have to do is dream and maybe things with change

Let's March around the dinner table - it's time to rearrange

I was young when I left home – I was a poet on the edge

I'm your teenage prayer and you pushed me off the ledge

I'm Gonna get you now and chase you round and round

There aint gonna be any next time baby cuz you will not be found

I am heading down the line to that California side

There's a little bit of rain but no need to run and hide

I traveled down the road to meet the King of France

He had a California brown eyed baby and was teaching her to dance

As I was Movin closer to her – I saw she had no hair

From Oklahoma Kansas she was heading to the fair

She is not for you – I had to inform the king.

I know a Liverpool Gal – who will gladly wear your ring

Won't you be my baby – I had to ask that girl

Just follow me Over the road and I'll take you on a whirl

Cross on over & Rock ‘Em dead – no one will ever know

V.D. Seaman's last letter will tell us where to go

It's Breakin me up to do this baby – I don't know where to go

I am searching for the artist in me – like Positively Van Gogh

I told a Dirty lie about The Preacher's Folly

He did not understand when I said Goodbye My Dear Miss Holly

I was Talkin To Hugh Brown when I wrote my Spanish Song

He had the Repossession Blues and I told him that was wrong

He was sitting in a Rocking Chair singing for Justine

The woman has the Greyhound Blues and was always very mean

Don't fly unless it's safe – I told him on that day

The Calypso singer told me The One Eyed Jacks would pay

I wrote a Song to Bonny who had Prison Station Blues

She was dancing in the Strange Rain and sadly lost her shoes

Bonny, Why'd you cut my hair - If you don't have any shoes

Was it the Death of Robert Johnson and The Funny Las Vegas Blues

She said Don't drink no Chevy or look at The Well Water

Just Try me Little Girl and I'll treat ya like my daughter

I Don't want no married woman so Don't you try me now

The New Danville Girl is coming and She's my baby now

I had a Headful of Gasoline when I misplaced my Straw Hat

I will be Dead for a Dollar honey - When I see that black cat

You'd love me to go and leave you now with just One more ride

If I'm not there soon baby then just let God decide

Love Rescue me from those Belltower Blues and help me find the way

No shoes on my feet I'm lost and got no where else to stay

Shake those Peco's Blues from me and take One for the Road

To fall in love with you baby – I would have to kiss a toad

I would like you to meet my friend – Ginsberg is his name

I wrote a song about him and The Crockagator came

Shirley Temple doesn't live here – whatever do you mean

She was drinking a Margarita during that funny Tap Dancing scene

Your calling me a Hypocrite – I saw her there myself

My Dope friend Robber told me she was sitting on a shelf

He took medicine on Sunday and Ahooah he would yell

He's makin a liar out her and those are words to sell

That's a Slow try baby – Don't you understand

The Ox-Bow incident was faster ask the owner of the land

I was hiding Under a Turkey – so the story goes

I was laughing at the man when they beat him with a hose

Reach out and understand me - Poetry's the way

Dylan said it best and sings it everyday.

By Jo Elizabeth Meek ~ 2003

All of Mr. Dylan song titles are in there



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