Poetic Feelings 
  Sharon Wilson

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When he was a child he had chronic asthma,
Was always a sweet and good-natured boy;
When he wasn't sick he was full of life
And was a constant source of joy;

When he was a teen I'd pass him downtown,
Either coming from or going to be treated;
He'd leave school and take a bus cross-town,
By his illness he wouldn't be defeated.

At some point we began to realize
That Ike's health had become much better;
Bound and determined to obey his doctors,
He'd followed his routine to the letter;

Ike's a good singer, a fantastic musician,
As a drummer, he's one of the best;
But I have to admit that there were times
When Isaac could be a real live pest!

Today he's a father and a family man,
He has undying love for our mother;
And as his oldest sibling, I have to admit,
He's also a pretty good brother.

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