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My sister's little son named Maurice,
Had wit that seemed to never cease;
I went to visit when he was seven or eight,
Would you believe I found him out on a date?

I asked, "Why aren't you at home in bed?
"Had to see my woman!" he boldly said;
That little boy was quite a pickle,
He even knew how to earn a nickle;

He'll tell you he never has anything to hide,
Yet covers up the tender heart he has inside;
Where he got his nickname, I'll never know,
But people suddenly started calling him "Mo-Mo";

Maurice has taken a lot in stride,
Refuses to let anything kill his pride;
Though he's my nephew, he's a good friend, too,
Tries to see things from another's point of view;

Whenever he makes some dreadful mistake,
He'll humbly constructive criticism take;
Maurice has had some hard knocks in life,
Often had to put up with a lot of strife;

Though he's always bounced back from heartache,
Several times it did seem like he'd break;
But break he didn't, he managed to pull through,
His supporters told him, "More power to you!"

Does my heart good when Mo-Mo walks thru the door,
No matter how I feel, he makes my spirits soar;
He has a good relationship with his son and his daughter,
And a strong bond of love between his mother and his brothers;

I don't know how to end this poem,
Can't come up with a rhyme;
So let's just finish by saying that
I ran out of time!

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