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The Breath of Adam's Heart

Just holding your hand, immersing in your love...
Hugging your endurance - your presance.
Lying beside you, I heard your heart breathe
             melodious, sweet life...
Delievering itself straight into my own entity.

I know I'm a mess but...
please, never be intimidated by the rain that haunts me...
Because it will always be evaporated
    by the first touch of our finger-tips-
    every time we appear to each other.

Such a burdend, crushed spirit I am-
And you always begin to revive me,
By kissing hope and harmony through our lips.

I'm so glad I got to embrace you last night-
I'm still holding you tight,
    as I drift back into reality.

~DaYnA e. 1/1/04

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The Breath of Adam`s Heart