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Don't Worry Baby

I know I turned to you today
But life called and you went away
I know you fear I'm torn apart
But I am safe inside your heart

I know it hurt to say good-bye
I know it pains you to hear me cry
But remember this as we're apart
I am safe inside your heart

Today is just another day
With tribulation come out to play
Tomorrow comes with a whole new start
And I'll be waiting inside your heart

Your heart is a place they can't touch
A haven I turn to so often, so much
In your heart I can be strong
For in there the love is never gone

So come now baby, meet me there
Safe in our place of love and care
All this pain will be a memory
Think of us, and don't worry Baby


~Worry Not~

Each day has enough trouble of its own.

"After all today is the tomorrow

you worried about yesterday."

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Don`t Worry Baby