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May I smoke she said
then set fire to his nuptial bed
causing him much trouble and strife
when he tried to explain
to his outraged wife.
To confound their problems
their little dog
had run from the flames
and got jammed in the bog.
They couldn’t get a plumber for two days
and had to change their sanitary ways.
Thus their marriage sadly ended
after fifteen years sentence suspended.
The judge said in all his years
he’d never been brought so close to tears.
Granting the plea was such a wrench
then agreeing to her cause
fell laughing from the bench.
In his bedsitter flat he sits in tears
reduced to caressing his few souvenirs.
If your lover smokes in bed it may be best
to site an extinguisher by your bedside chest.
Smoking can kill or worse
break up your marriage
and inspire dubious verse

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