Poetic Feelings

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I wake up each morning feeling heavy and groggy,
When I open my eyes, the whole room looks foggy,
Wonder why my mouth has such a bitter taste,
Horribly yucky and thick as paste;

Suddenly dawns on me if I don't run fast,
Gonna release a little flood with a great big blast;
I manage to make it, feeling overall relief,
Everything's OK now, this is my belief;

Stand washing my hands, get a glimpse of my face,
"Oh, no!" I groan. "You are such a disgrace!"
I bathe my body, give my teeth a good brushing,
Take my own good time, there's no need for rushing;

I don my clothes and carefully comb my hair,
Before my full-length mirror I look pretty fair;
Transformed from a sleepy, stumbling buffoon,
I feel like a butterfly released from its cocoon.

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