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Market resistance

The postman has just been today
But all he brought I threw away.
From a catalogue mail order
A brand new cassette recorder
Is on offer a free gift,
And all I have to do is lift
The phone and agree
They can send to me
Goods on approval.

Some company can insure my life
And if I will include my wife
I can have a super pen
Until acceptance then
They'll send me a radio-clock
And a stick of Blackpool rock
On receipt of first monies.

Which I can borrow the rates are low
For just two days so don't be slow.
Buy yourself a brand new car
A motor yacht and a cocktail bar
And if you become a defaulting louse,
Why then, Dear Sir we'll own your house.
Dare you refuse our offer

Do you remember the days before
Getting post became a chore
And every single envelope
Bore the little hope
Of news of family and friends
One of those outdated trends
Seemingly gone for evermore.

I've nailed my letter box up tightly
Although it may look unsightly.
and written to the Post-Master General
Saying unless it's something very special
I've gone into a long retreat.
I have finally accepted defeat.
Strike me off all mailing lists.
Stop, cease, pause, re-consider, desist
Please tell them all that I am dead.

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Market resistance