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Claustrophobically sinking in the fright,
Of a limited sky with a  flicker of light.
Sniffles on, the ash lilies that cry.
Wings spasmodic on the crippled dragonfly.

Why has color only appeared but twice?
While reluctant to dwell on the life of Christ.
My life shattered in pieces of clay.
It was finally time to desert this place…

So all of a sudden, dusk begins to fade
Lilies blossom and expel the gray
Mortification repressed and burned,
Thriving to gather all the things I've learned…

To shuffle it then pack it away-
So weariness and mourn may retire today.
The lack of pink that phenomenally breezed in,
Began to dribble on the flowers of tin.

The icicles of tears dwindled and dry,
Demonic oppressions withered and died.
Rose petals fell from the unlimited sky,
The dragonflies restored and ready to fly.

And death fairies turned into angels with color,
Whispering and working amongst each other.
Had love come around, and it was time to stay?…
No, the heart had just been dramatically changed.

~DaYnA e. 1/15-16/04

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