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Quiet Patterns of Expectation

My tears of expectation
Are deep-

As deep as my mother's tears-

Cried alone-
When she realized I was not
The son of her dreams-

That the patterns of my life
Were not the patterns of hers.

The quiet patterns of expectation

That the dreams of my father
Would live

In the disillusionment
Of my dreams-broken

As the stands of a man in this world
Crumble before the majesty of dollars
And jobs and sex

Leaving only
The quiet patterns
Of expectation

And the shell of a male soul
Trapped in the world's illusions

Seeking only the survival
Of that essence of maleness
That touches the drama
Of the mother who loved too much-

The daughter of that mortal pain
Of passing flesh from flesh into life.

The quiet patterns of expectation
Are the tears of the Earth
Who weeps for her sons and daughters
Lost in what they give of life

Who comforts those who seek to control
That which they can not control-

The passion of conception-
The pain of birth-
The struggle to survive

From this dance we emerge-

Seeking only
The quiet patterns
Of expectation