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Inky Stinky Par La Vousu





Poetry Poem

A Virgin Man

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Oh my gosh and goodness sake,
I'm gonna tall ya the tale of Cowboy Jake,
his swayback horse without any mane,
and three-legged dog without a name

One hot dat where cactus grew,
Jake's swayback horse threw a shoe,
and when Jake got off his cowboy tush,
he tripped right over a cactus bush
and fell right down In a bed ants,
jumped up and down and split his pants,
Pulled out the needles, fixed his butt,
and whistled for his three legged mutt

Then after he figured it up, counted his means,
for a new horseshoe and pair of jeans,
he even had enough for a cold beer too
So he saddled his horse without a mane,
called for his dog without any name

And out through the prairie he rode,
buffalo, deer and horny toad,
up through cactus, desert sand,
across the range to the River Grand.

Then right ahead he saw his goal,
The little old town of Empty Bowl,
But before his jeans and new horse-shoe,
he figured on drinking an ice-cold brew

Then before he'd had his first cold beer,
up on the stairs what did appear,
But a painted up princess dressed like a queen.
the most beautiful lady he had ever seen

She said her name was Tiffany Jane
that on up from the State of Maine.
And she knew how do it,
sway it from the left,
and sway it from the right.
Well the next thing you know,
Jake had got her an ice-cold brew,
so befuddled he didn't know what to do.
And what happened next was all but a sin,
She stole Jake's heart, money tin
swayback horse without a mane,
and three-legged dog without a name.

Yep, life just ain't been the same,
since Jake met up with the lady named Jane.
Oh, he still lives out on the range,
with his slit out jeans, tin of change,
swayback horse without a mane,
and three-legged dog without a name.
But one thing ain't he same.
Jake now lies there with Jane.

Yep, this is this and that is that,
there's more than one way to skin a cat!

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