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Lent 2003

Not far from Mexico
Somewhere deep in Southern California
In a Japanese fast food restaurant

Too many cars
Too many malls

Hustle Bustle Crazy
Cell phone fueled

Dash home to sit numb
In front of computer/TV screen
Where's the poetry?

Slow down
Eat less
Spend less
Enjoy more

Palm Sunday--jubilant entry in to Jerusalem
Branches of Palm Leaves and Hosannas
First steps in a dangerous journey

What demons lurk
Waiting to clutch
And claim their possession

Passover bitter herbs
Lenten Sacrifice

Preparations for Passover
The Angel of Death
Spares the first born

That they might someday lead
Through the desert--

Through the mountain passes
Into the unknown and the

A hungry young man
In the cold El Nino rain

I offer him the rest
Of my Sandwich and coffee

He stares at me
Startled and surprised
His eyes made me feel as though
I were an empty vessel

Where is the poetry
In Southern California?
Not in cell phone crazed

But in the cold rain-
Bread and coffee