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Forget Tomorrow?

A note to you, the reader:

Although the following poem mentions nasty habits like drugs, alcohol etc. it merely scratches the surface.

The death's devices mentioned herein are also meant to include the entire spectrum of filthy, degrading and demoralizing addictions which include amongst other things, the pornography, violence, vulgarity and profanity that is being sold prolifically on today's market. So please do not omit these as you read and consider the message contained herein.

This world is filled with dirty vices
Drugs and wine
And death's devices
That come in wrappers oh-so-fine!

They say "they will
Bring so much fun!
So celebrate 'til
Day is done!"

"Our wares...they say;
Will salve your sorrow!
"Enjoy today!
Forget tomorrow!"

But never do
They warn you honey,
That all they want from you
Is money!

They do not laud
The lasting things
That only God
In Heaven brings.

They will not say
When sorrow comes
"Let's pray today,
Forget the sums!"

"Let's help the hurting,
Salve the sick...
Ease the sting
Of sorrow's prick!"

When things get scary
They speak the lie...
"Eat, drink, be merry!
For tomorrow we die!"

Hear well my friend,
We've daughters, sons,
We must defend
Our little ones!

Against the merchants who proclaim
How much they "really, truly care"
Yet go about their deadly game
Of selling goods designed to snare.

They spread their filthy lies so bold
Amongst our precious youth so fine
So they can sell their pseudo-gold
As if 'twere candy so divine!

This question I must ask you 'ere
You think that it is quite okay
To test a little here and there...
Will you ask God's help today?

How will our youth know
Right from wrong
Unless we show
That we are strong!

Let's join together,
And undivided
Pray we can weather
Their storm...united!

Then let us arm
Ourselves for battle
Against the charm
Of foolish prattle!

By joining God
Who guides us ever
Through this world of fake and fraud
With faith, hope, charity forever...

His teachings they are so divine
When Holy Spirit is our guide
If we but will our soul incline
To sacred writ that's true and tried!

The Spirit sent here by our Master
Will offer strength to fight the vice
And help us stand against disaster
Through our Lord who'se paid our price.

His sufferings will help us to take
Vile avarice
Its strong bonds break
Away from Satan's deadly vise.

And lift us high above the din
Of merchants who would
Sell us sin
By telling us that it is good.

But only if we kneel to pray,
And ask His help to set us free
Will he help us to break away
With hope in His Eternity!

Diana M. Isham

©2000 - 2018 - Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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