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From Dragon's Ledge

Astra stood upon Dragon's Ledge...
The dark breezes lifting her hair,
filtering through the recesses
of her soul. She heard the rustling
of powerful wings poised to rise
in dragon flight. The acrid odor
of ashy sediment coating her earthy
clothing, her gleaming chestnut tresses.
She reached out to touch the dragon
whispering ancient endearments
to a dragon of pure and noble heart.

"Drayson, hear my song. It is of thee,
I sing. My heart has become absorbed
by yours. I am a part of you, now and forever.
Fly, Dear Heart, fly to the fiery, arms
of the Sun, to the radiating light-waves
of outer Solarium. Guide me through the night
of battle, into the day of our victory."

Drayson's wings extended to cover Astra,
shading her from the astral beings
who would seek to devour her luminous beauty.
Drayson was her protector, her shield,
her Dark Knight slayer. His heart cradling
his love for this brave and fierce warrior-woman,
this Lunar soul-mate of Drayson's infinite life-forces.

She moved in rhythm with every dragon-breath,
with every dragon heartbeat that pounded within
Drayson's chest. She straddled his wide back
of spiked green. Her heart holding in Drayson's love,
giving flight to the wings of a new freedom,
a new hope with endless dragon nights, and with
Lunar beams unveiling their destiny's light.

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From Dragon's Ledge



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