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What Am I?

I could drink with ferver from your lips
And never quench my wanton thirst
I reflect my image among open eyes
Some don't know me when they see me at first

I am a silent growing hunger
Feeding off your flesh and fantasy
But who and what exactly am I
Is one of life's truest mysteries

I could tremble and quake inside you
Never slipping once into a pause
I will be a battle waged and won
For the most notable honorable cause

I am genuine but sometimes can hurt
Often a pain no single person can fathom
I will strike next at my own will
For I choose my targets at my own random

For most I am a heaven's blessing
Lying dormant breathing in your chest
For some I bring chaos and confusion
Only truest souls will know me best

So now this mystery I will answer for you
I am not what many would think of
But for the blessed hearts that still beat
I tell you simply...
I am love








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What Am I?