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I Was There!   (Trilogy)

Part 1
I was there when Adam partook
of the infamous apple.
When Noah built the Ark.
When Moses came down from
the Mountain.
I was there when Mount
Vesuvius erupted, when Caesar uttered;
"Et tu Brutus ?"
When Marc Anthony and
Cleopatra made their unholy pact
to commit suicide.
I was there at the wind swept fortress
of Masada when the last patriot died,
when Jesus walked on water, when the
cross was raised.  
I was there when Attila overran Europe,
when Genghis Khan rode the Gobi winds
to the Great wall.
I was there when the Crusaders stormed
the shores of the Holy land, when the
black plague scourged the earth.
I was there when they burnt Jeanne d’ Arc at the stake,
when the Spanish Inquisition took place.

Part 2

I was there when Columbus discovered the Americas,
I was at the battle of Waterloo and Napoleon’s days were through.  
I was there on the Mayflower when she dropped anchor on the
shores of a new land.
I was there at Lexington when the first shot of the American
Revolution was heard around the world, and on the boat with
George at the crossing of the Delaware.
I was there at the signing of the Declaration of
I was there with General Jackson at the battle of New
I was there on the slave ships from the House of Slaves of
Goree Island-West Africa, and on the Slave block in Mobile
 when the auctioneer yelled sold!
I was there at Gettysburg when Lincoln gave his famous
speech, and at Ford’s Theater when Booth committed an
eternal sin.
I was there at Appomattox at the bloody end.
I was there when Custer fell.
I was there when Teddy charged up San Juan Hill.
I was there on deck when the orchestra played
as the great ship sank.
I was there at Flander’s field when the deadly gas cleared.
I was there when the Yankee Doodle Dandies came marching
I was there when Chamberlain declared; "Peace in Our Time!"
I was there aboard the Arizona when the attack occurred on
Pearl, and in the bunker when the Fuhrer ate a bullet.
I was there on the "Anola Gay" when the mushroom cloud
changed the world forever.
I was there on Broadway at the celebration of the end of
world war two.
I was there during the Berlin airlift.
I was there in freezing snow of the Chosin Reservoir,
and the last days of Diem Bien Fu.

Part 3

I was there on Dealey Plaza when the shots rang out,
and in Memphis when the shots rang out again.
I was there during the troop build up at DaNang in 65,
and at the Citadel wall in Hue.
I was there on the Embassy roof during the panic.
I was there when in Tirana they paraded them in
blindfolds, and in Beirut when the bomb exploded.
I was there when the Berlin wall came tumbling down.
I was there at the first bombing of the towers.
and in Oklahoma city when that bomb exploded.
I was there at the bombing of the Air Force
barracks in Riyadh, and on the USS Cole when it was attacked.
I was there when the gargoyles from hell fell the twin
I was there when they discovered Saddam in his hole.
I will be there indefinitely… through Good or Evil,
for I am the human spirit.
Jackie R. Kays



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I Was There! (Trilogy)



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