From Heart to Heart

"All is Well"

My bundle of love with two big eyes,
wagging tail with whines and cries,
wet black nose to sniff and smell
and grin that said, "All is well."

My little fluffy up and up,
this follow me kind of pup,
was there to play and jump,
as a child, and as I grew up.

The year I left for summer camp,
he sat, that good old champ,
at the window, a candle burning,
to watch for me and my returning.

Then there was the fish at the sound,
the fish that flopped upon the ground.
while my old Saffron yipped a fit,
until I laughed,"Quit now quit."

And there was one time when I was bad,
and dreaded telling my mom and dad,
until Saffron with wagging tail,
licked my face, and all was Well

The day I failed that test,
I was greeted with the best.
that doggy grin, and wag of tail,
that said to me, "All is well."

Then the letter when eighteen,
The one I wish I'd never seen .
Army greetings from Uncle Sam
Report it said, and Bam!

So I found Saffron, stoked his hair,
"I know my friend it isn't fair.
But forget me not when I'm away,
How we ran, and how we played."

And off to camp I did go,
Saying "I'll be back you know."
As a doggie grin and wag of tail,
said to me, "All is well."

Yes, it was hard to say goodbye,
to walk away, my childhood die,
But always there, heaven or hell,
Was Old Saffron and "All was well."

Then one day when far away,
Sad of heart in month of May.
A soldier now, a war to win,
So much death, so much sin.
a letter, Saffron had died,
and the boy in me cried.

But as the war sends my brethren.
As they cross the gates of heaven.
A doggy grin and wag of tail,
Will say to them "All is well"

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`All is Well`

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