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How to Talk to Trees

How to talk to trees…
First take a walk…a long walk
And look at trees-tall trees and short trees
Palm trees and pine trees-young trees and old trees
You'll be surprised to notice trees you have never seen before-
Trees are everywhere.

Slowly, pick a tree.
A short, young tree is best for learning how to talk-
One with branches low enough so you can see right into the leaves.
You want to start with a tree that looses its leaves in the fall
Pine trees are too quiet and soft spoken and Palm trees
Talk from the top of their crown which is out of reach
For those of us who live closer to the ground.
Young trees are best too because conversations
With trees take years-sometime decades-
The two of you can grow together.

Wandering aimlessly around a park or a neighborhood, stopping
And staring at trees will cause many to assume that you are a
Sexual predator or a sexual purveyor and you will most likely
Come under surveillance. To avoid this, it helps to have a puppy
At the end of a leash. It will then be assumed that your business
Is a canine affair and it will not be assumed that you are involved
In delusional behavior, perversion or witchcraft but merely a puppy
Doing his duty.

It's best to start in late winter-
The earth is completing its great cycle-
Returning to the sun
Roots feel the returning warmth
And begin a long slow round vowel
That will take three months to sound

And in that sound
Moisture begins to move like magic
From the dark earth into the branches beneath the soil
To seek the branches above the soil which catch the wind and the sun
And dance in the moon and starlight and the dawns light
And delight in nesting birds, butterflies and puppies who
Stop by to leave messages for other puppies. We all
Have our own way of talking.