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Class distinctions

Emmerson was an officer and he wore his officer's shoes
And Emmerson though he was good at whatever officers do
And Emmerson wore a monocle which really suited him
And in his tailored uniform looked so cute and slim

Cator was a signalman from Birmingham by birth
And very unlike Emmerson was rather large of girth
And Cator acquired a monocle prescribed by the National health
And on that first parade had inserted it with steath
You have to have been a squaddie to appreciate that scene
For as well as being large Cator's glass was tinted green

Monocle to monocle they stood Emmerson's cane against his side
The fruits of private medicine v The Best the State could provide
Emmerson kept his cool, my gods but did he try
Until in a twitch of rage his glass fell from his eye
And turning on his heel he swiftly walked away
And in a bit of history old Cator won that day

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Class distinctions