Poems from a Lost Soul

Threads of Life

In the tapestry that we call life
 we're but a single thread
So when one dies we cannot let
a single tear be shed

For all things have a certain flow
whether slow or fast
We're intertwined with future times
and time already past

Every person on this earth
impacts each others lives
For you to truly comprehend
look through anothers eyes

Then maybe you will finally see
we're all in this together
If we try to help each other out
this world just might get better

Instead of violence show some love
and see what that might bring
For peace and joy go hand in hand
overcoming anything

If we teach the children of this world
that hate is not the way
Then we must start that lesson now
so peace can reign someday

For a world where all can finish first
and no one left behind
Since the true at heart can only be
 the future of mankind

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Threads of Life

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