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Rough shooting 2

Rough shooting 2

When you're up to your okkers in water
and you're not having much luck
and you're thinking of your girlfriend
and her dad that you promised a duck
and over in the distance you can hear
a persistent annoying quack
can't see a thing but decide
you'll have to a chance a crack

Now that's the situation which could have been  really sad
when our Barry got frustrated and went and shot me dad.

Me dad had this new toy
a little duck quack call
which he'd kept a secret
so he could beat us all
and luckily he'd stood up
just as Barry shot
and instead of a bloody face
scraped knuckles
was all that he got

Of course dad thumped me brother
but as grannie barker said
by keeping things a secret
he'd made his own bloody bed

And ever after that
we always made it known
where we were off shooting
if we went off on our own

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Rough shooting 2