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The Tiny World Of Amber Nichole

Pink elephants and happy days
Carousel horses for her to play
Saving ladybug and every creature
A movieshow playing her favorite feature

Lollipop lanes and licorice sticks
A house of candy not of bricks
A sun that bounces up in the sky
As multi-colored birds sing up high

A lemonade stand, but the sugar is free
Could there ever be a taste more sweet?
Everything is humming from bird to bee
And everyone's dancing to their melody

Children, children, are everywhere
Splashing in a stream without care
Harmony and laughter be the only sound
Flowers spring up as you walk around

It's just a tiny world inside of her heart
Her crayola painting, her work of art
What beautiful pictures we paint with our soul
Welcome to the tiny world of Amber Nichole




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The Tiny World Of Amber Nichole