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Afraid to be me.

Afraid to be free and to love with an open heart.
To lay my soul down upon the chopping block.
This is no reason for this fear.
But I have felt the pain before.
I don't want to feel that empty again.
You say that you love me but then I see the doubt in your eyes.
You promised that you would never hurt me.
When the time came to stand strong you faltered and fell like a wet cookie in the rain.
How am I to trust you now.  
You come to me and say the same again.
Promising that you will never hurt me.
Will you falter again when society tries to come between because they don't see the love?
I want to believe your words but my heart has crawled behind that wall  and is braced like a dog going to the vet.
I don't know if I can dig out from behind this shield again.
It took so much the first time.
You promised that you would never hurt me.

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Afraid to be me.