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friends forever

so many years i
spent looking for you,
a friend who no matter,
what i say will
always understand,
with your hand reaching out,
to catch me when i fall,
always with a kind word and a smile,
walking hand in hand on the sea shore,
talking about our past adventures,
that no one else knows
about just the two of us,
friends to the end,
come rain or shine,
we have been through it all,
still some how we have found our way,
every stumbling block we encounter,
will not change a thing,
step by step we grow stronger,
our days are filled
with endless conversation,
never leaving a word unspoken,
or a page unturned,
those around us
may not understand,
the bond we have
let them laugh and
snicker and say,
yeah right just friends,
friends like us have no fear,
of rooms or the looks
people cast our way,
for we are friends
brave and true,
this is what i see in you.

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