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The good and handsome brother has made
his marriage proposal...
Both parties agreeing to put their love at
each other disposal.
Muslimah has gotten her Wali's approval
and the dower (mahr) has been agreed upon.
Now, they set a wedding date.
Invitations are sent to friends
and relations telling them not to be late.
The cake Has been ordered and the food
prepared. She has henna decorated her
body and done her hair.
All the guest have arrived and have
been seated in chairs.
Can hardly wait for the ceremony to
begin then End ... so that they
can dine on time.
Well, the good sister's head
is in a spin...She has lost her
smile and newly wed grin.
Her jaw dropped and she had an
Expression of distraught and PAIN!
I pray To Allah that if I live to
be one hundred years old,
I'll never see that look on her
Nubian face again!
She has just been informed by her Zouj
to be, that the Imam is unable to
make the trip to North Philly.
The cake is beautiful! The aroma of the
food is wafting through the air.
And all the guest are assembled there.
What are they to do? Plus the food
is getting cold, action must be taken,
the Wali must be told!
Allah makes it easy, there is no priesthood in Islam.
The Nikkah can be perform by
any qualified man.
So using his best Arabic with Qur'an
and hadieth in hand,
the Wali became the marrying man.
Insha Allah, they will live happily ever after.

Abu Lateef

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