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the night sky glistens with
the shower of falling stars,
stars that once hung
so brightly high
in the heavens,
some how fall
to the earth,
as a young woman
watches the falling
star she makes a wish,
from deep within
her soul it comes
bubbling out,
star light
star bright,
grant my wish
i wish tonight,
as she closes her
eyes she invisions
the face of the
man who stole her
heart and holds
her soul in his hand,
the wish i wish tonight
is for him to hold me tight,
never to let me go
to always be by my side,
through whatever the world
my throw our way,
for always and forever
til the end of time,
he shall always be mine
to see my reflection
in his eyes,
to lose my very being
with his touch,
never to feel the
sadness of the past,
his kiss shall quench
my longing and
fill my soul,
ever more to be
his and his alone....

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