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Germ warfare

I think I remember colours that year
nodding across the grass
through gossiping daisies
as we walked past
down lambwath fields
and into that little hell
that smell
that clung
and hung
and rolled around
cloying smell
of death and decay
on that first blue skyed day
rabbits heads bruised
and swollen
pathetically lying
the already dead
amongst the dying
so foul
even the dogs
wouldn't touch
and we walked silently around
killing with air guns
that day
and days to come
to cease their pain
as they squatted
there on the ground

there was a fine crop of bones
little bones
the next year
amongst the flowers
and in the grass
all things pass
and even memories fade
but I think I remember colours
I think I remember colours
that year

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Germ warfare